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Cow breeds – How are they priced?

In India, there exist a huge variety of cow breeds. Each breed has its own unique features. The farmers identify the dairy breeds usually, depending on the milk-producing capacity of the animal.The cost of buying a cow depends on various factors. When considering the cost, we should also focus on the resulting effects on revenue. The more that we pay for a cow, the more the value we can receive from its use must offset that expense.
The cattle buy and sale cycle may depend on the weather, changes in the industry, imports & exports of meat and animal products. There are several elements that determine the cost of buying a cow breed.
The major factors affecting the price of calves/adult cattle are:
● The type of breed.
● Milk yield capacity and capability.
● Age and pregnancy status.
● Breeding season.
● The supply and demand for cattle and market conditions.
● Physical characteristics like colour, muscle thickness, health status, sex, live-weight, frame, handling etc.
● Lot size and number of animals in the lot.
● Uniformity of animals in the lot.
● Presence of calves with horns.
● Genetic and structural characteristics.
● Geography location of auctioneers/sellers and buyers.
India has more than 30 indigenous breeds of cow. The major among them are Gir, Kankrej, Red-Sindhi, Sahiwal, Rathi, Ongole, Deoni and mini cow breeds like Kapila, Malnad Gidda, Vechur, etc. These breeds provide more milk while compared to other local breeds. The milk of mini cow breeds is superior in the nutritional index. So a few farmers opt to raise mini cow breeds for the dairy industry.Gir is a breed which is seen usually in Gujarat, Maharashtra and Rajasthan. Their price ranges between 50,000 to 2 lakhs Indian rupees, depending on age, milk production rate etc. Red Sindh is basically from Pakistan. We can find them in countries like India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. On an average, you may buy this breed at INR 50k to 70k.
Sahiwal is also a native breed from Pakistan. They have the ability to tolerate heat. They cost between INR 60k to 90k. The breed Kankrej is from Gujarat. They are powerful cattle with high milk yielding capability. The price of this type can range from INR 60k to a few lakhs. You can buy another common breed, the jersey cows at INR Rs 40000 – 45000.

The Haryana cattle, a breed native to north India is sold at a rate of 40k INR. The cost of Vechur cattle,native to Kerala range from 50,000 to 1.5 lakhs. Another popular breed, the Holstein Friesian (HF) cow,basically from Europe, comes with a price range of 40000.0 – 45000.0 INR. They are currently the world’s highest-production dairy animals.The price range of cows can vary according to the factors mentioned earlier. You’ll need to make an analysis on breed, age, weight and type of cattle you’re looking for, before buying cattle.During the past few years, cattle markets seem to be competing among themself for higher input. The
Covid-19 lockdown has also impacted the price of cows as well as the supply and demand for livestock products. So the prices of cow-calf breeds are likely to escalate further. At present, we may find a price range up to 80k INR for cows that produce 10 litres of milk per day.

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