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Thaliyan group has more than 35 years of experience in animal nutrition solutions. Understanding the scope for quality products in Indian animal health industry, Thaliyan group commenced manufacturing activity in 1983. Our purpose is to help you succeed, so you can do your job more affordably, more efficiently and more sustainably. That means collaborating with you, finding answers to your challenges and earning your trust. Our mission is more than a platform; it’s a promise. A promise to bring better nutrition for better lives. We live this promise by continually building connections that feed a better future.
We have launched our exclusive new series of animal feeds in GRAND MASTER BRAND. Whether it’s complete feed, premixes, base mixes, concentrates or additives, our brands offer products and services that deliver the right solutions for the animals you raise. Market forces in the global food system are shifting daily. Consumers want assurances of how their animal protein was produced, and regulations are changing the way you operate. Your local environment requires tailored solutions drawn from deep expertise. We can help you meet these complex challenges as you grow your business to the next level.
We have made more than 7 lacks feeding trials during trial periods. We have conducted wide in and out dairy farm tests for the best analysis and feedback. We are maintaining a diary farm for the regular and continuous tests to make sure the consistent values. It also means helping you adapt to complex market forces as regulations change the way you operate, forcing you to find new ways to maximize feed conversion and improve animal performance.
The Grand Master feeds were seriously tested in different weather conditions of livestock for the best formulations to help them adapt the changes and also for the highest nutritional availability all the time ensuring animal welfare and health.
The extreme trials have been conducted in various breeds seen in India including cross breeds and small breeds to know the performance of the feed in real farmer situations.
Grand Master animal feeds have been trialed for more than 6 years in various conditions and breeds for the best analysis and alterations. The impact of feed in farm management, profitability, sustainability, nutritional availability, productivity, diseases If any, Milk fat,taste, SNF, dung, body weight gaining, fertility, and welfare have been widely tested and corrected scientifically. We come to work every day to research, innovate and create solutions that enable you to succeed.
  • A broad portfolio of high-quality, cost-effective feed products
  • Best-in-class feed additives to support animal health and performance
  • Cutting-edge technologies and nutrient analysis
  • Consistent values and a commitment to your success
  • Our team comes to work every day dedicated to advancing how we deliver nutrition across all major species. From ingredient evaluation all the way through complete feed formulations to productivity solutions, we can help you differentiate your business and improve profitability.

World’s Best ZERO EXTRA compositions

Animal doesn’t require any thing extra when grand master feed is given. The dairy farmers can avoid other supplements like wheat bran, rice bran, coconut cakes, ground nut cakes, orid husks, maize powder, hulls, calcium and minerals etc.

During the trial period we checked the following things

  • Feed result
  • Milk production
  • Milk fat
  • Milk Taste
  • Milk color
  • Body weight gaining
  • Stress level
  • Digestion
  • Heat
  • Immunity level
  • Disease frequency
  • Fertility
  • Number of pregnancies
  • Post delivery health
  • Calf health
  • Nutritional requirements
  • Over feeding trials
  • Flatulence
  • Cow dung smell
  • Cow dung color
  • Undigested particles in cow dung
  • Total health in all climate
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Profitable feed to

dairy farmers

How it become profitable to dairy farmers?

The cattle farming business requires lots of hard work and dedication every time. the major concern is about the predicted and unpredicted expense because the revenue comes from milk is almost constant since the milk price is some what some over time. 75% of the expenses incurred to farm is of feeding stuffs and other common related expenses are namely feed supplement expense ( bran, oil cakes, cereals, minerals given in addition to main feed ) doctor consulting fees, medicine expense, expenses related to infertility etc.GRAND MASTER feeds focus on the expense side because when the expense is managed well the cattle business steps to profit.

Why Grand Master Feeds

Grand master feeds doesn’t require any extra supplements to be added while feeding. Generally adding supplements like wheat bran, rice bran cotton seed, coconut cakes, ground nut cakes, maize powder etc may be available or unavailable in seasons or the price may be varying in seasons unpredictably. some times farmers use calcium and other minerals for their cattle and all these extra feeding will lead to high expense when you keep calculate for one year. grand master feeds doesn’t use any chemical like urea or ammonia or hormones or antibiotics for extra milk production all these practices may get you abnormal milk production but eventually your farm will gets list of expenses of medicines, doctor expense, infertility issue loss etc.

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