maize fiber feed


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Pack Size

50 Kg

Packaging Type

Dual side laminated moisture protected high quality plastic bag


High in Protein, No Artificial Flavour, Organic

Maize fiber is a by-product of corn starch processing and Maize fiber is also known as corn fiber. The many advantages of corn fiber include its positive effect on digestive health and prebiotic properties. At about 90% insolubility, corn fiber is a high-content insoluble fiber with low acidity. 

Corn fiber is a mixture of the seed coat and remaining endosperm of the kernel after the extraction of the starch, gluten and germ. It is ideal as an ingredient for animal feed. Fiber can be mixed with concentrated steeping liquor (called Gluten Feed). Despite it’s high portion of fiber, it can still be regarded as an energy source. The level of protein degradability is an important factor when considering protein levels in the diet of livestock .Maize enriched fiber is the pericarp of the maize grain, it is yellow to light brown coloured odourless fiber and free from harmful constituents and rancidity. Corn fiber is a good source of energy for cattle & poultry as it contains the essential amino acids and .

Nutritional Values (% Maximum):

DM 88
CP 12
CF 20
EE 5
Ash 4.8
AIA 1.9