horse feed starter

Grand Master horse feed stud farm

Product Details


Grand Master



Pack Size

20 Kg

Packaging Type

Dual side laminated moisture protected high quality PP bag

Shelf life

Within 45 days of packing


Grains, Pluses, Bran, Hulls, Grits, Oil Cakes Essential Amino Acids, Vitamins, Organic Minerals , Herbal Actives , Liver protectors Toxin Binders and Salt.


1 % of body weight /day for the best result.

Conversion time

21 days. Introduce slowly to existing feed.

Usage :

Half of the total solid food required for a day can be mixed with some water/(more water to make thick shake not loose form) and given immediately in the morning and half in the evening. Feeding interval for solid feed can be set about 8 hours. There is no need to give any kind of grains, Oil cakes, bran, calcium, minerals, vitamins, liver tonic, yeast and salt when using Grand Master feed. Give enough leaves and grass, fresh water should still be available.

Other Details :

We offer GRAND MASTER HORESR FEED that contains the highest-quality ingredients, helping you provide the very best nutrition. Find the feed that best fits your needs. Our quality horse feed ensures the best nutrition source for your horses. Providing adequate feed according to the demand of your horses help them to grow faster and produce energy.

Way to Profit :

The quantity of solid food mentioned in dosage is based on the rapid growth that occurs naturally, but the dosage can be adjusted to reduce the feeding cost since the lion’s share of the cost of caring for animals comes from the cost of feed. You can reduce the amount of solid food and give extra grass and leaves observing feeding cost, animal health and result. The diet result may be varied according to animals age, breed, health, and feed conversion capacity. This is the best and healthier way to limit the feeding cost.


  • Pro biotic, Biotin , Amino acids, Enzymes
  • Fortified with bio active chromium
  • Critical minerals
  • No ammonia, No urea , No hormones
  • No harmful chemical treatments
  • Mash form
  • Micro nutrients are kept intact
  • All weather suitable formulations
  • Highly palatable and nutritious


  • Manage digestive organisms
  • Heat regulation
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Help fertility
  • Ensures best health
  • Best breeding performance
  • Ensures normal delivery
  • Stress free digestion
  • Significant increase in animal life