cow food for milk production


Product Details


Grand Master

Pack Size

50 Kg

Packaging Type

Dual side laminated moisture protected high quality plastic bag

Other Details :

Grandmaster supreme cow feed is simply superb for the cows having the milk yield in between 18 – 24 liters per day. The superb non chemical composition with extra minerals maintain fat, milk, body weight and energy in cattle.


  • Bypass protein
  • By pass fat, Pro biotic, Biotin
  • Fortified with bio active chromium
  • Critical minerals
  • Amino acids, Enzymes
  • Feed binders, No colors
  • No ammonia, No urea
  • No hormones, No stimulants
  • No harmful chemical treatments
  • Mash form
  • Micro nutrients are kept intact
  • Best management of dietary fiber
  • All weather suitable formulations
  • Highly palatable and nutritious
  • Wide testing in all general breeds in india


  • Manage digestive organisms
  • Heat regulation
  • Improve milk yield and fat %
  • Enhanced immunity
  • Help fertility
  • Ensures best health
  • Best breeding performance
  • Ensures normal delivery
  • More pregnancies
  • Stress free digestion
  • No toxin presence in milk
  • Best taste of milk
  • Best taste of meat
  • Natural protection to Mastitis and Laminitis
  • Significant increase in animal life