cow feed

Grand Master economy COW Feed (Mash)

Product Details


Grand Master

Pack Size

50 Kg

Packaging Type

Dual side laminated moisture protected high quality plastic bag

Other Details :

Grand master economy grade cow feed is a best supplementary feed for the cows. Economy cow feed replaces varied kinds of bran , oil cakes, cereals, calcium, minerals etc. This grade can be used for average milking cows and non milking cows at the same time.


  • No ammonia
  • No urea
  • No hormones
  • No colors
  • No chemical treatments
  • Mash form
  • Micro nutrients are kept intact
  • Good management of dietary fiber


  • Improve milk yield
  • Improve immunity
  • Help fertility
  • Ensures health
  • Good breeding performance
  • Ensure normal delivery
  • No toxin presence in milk
  • Good taste of milk